Our vision is to pioneer a patented process that drives transformative environmental improvements across essential sectors—including mining, wastewater management, agriculture, recycling, defense, and infrastructure—by innovating and applying sustainable methods and technologies tailored to meet the unique and shared challenges of these industries. We are committed to minimizing environmental impact, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering sustainability at every level. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to set a new standard for environmental stewardship and sustainable development, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

Our Mission:
To lead the global effort in carbon reconciliation through the introduction of groundbreaking technologies in renewable energy. ​

Leveraging our patented organic algae-based polymers, we aim to transform the carbon sequestration industry, along with mining, wastewater treatment, recycling, bio-plastics, defense, and infrastructure sectors. Our unique ability to form or break covalent bonds at the molecular level opens unprecedented opportunities for enhanced remediation and the development of innovative renewable technologies. By committing to this mission, we strive to create a sustainable future, reducing the carbon footprint and advancing environmental stewardship worldwide.

Our Technology is Organic

Encircle Energy leverages breakthrough technology to cultivate organic algae at speeds 36 times faster than traditional methods, independent of saltwater and sunlight. Our patented process and proprietary polymers enable unprecedented growth rates in vertical farms. This positions us at the vanguard of sustainable innovation and resource independence.

Our Carbon Reconciliation technology offers a groundbreaking path to megaton mitigation of CO2, vastly outperforming current algae-based methods in carbon sequestration. By repurposing captured carbon to culture algae, we create a sustainable loop of carbon utilization. Our proprietary scaling and culturing process paves the way for significant strides in global climate change efforts

Our Technology is Proven

Our Carbon Reconciliation technology heralds a new era in climate innovation, unlocking the potential for megaton-scale CO2 mitigation far beyond the capabilities of existing algae-based systems. This advanced method transforms captured carbon into a vital resource for algae cultivation, establishing a revolutionary cycle of sustainable carbon utilization. With our cutting-edge proprietary scaling and culturing techniques, we are setting the stage for transformative breakthroughs in combating global climate change, marking a quantum leap towards a cleaner, greener future.

Encircle’s groundbreaking organic technology transcends traditional environmental solutions by not only purifying fossil fuels and slashing carbon emissions but also by reintroducing vital oxygen and nitrogen back into the Earth’s atmosphere. Our approach stands as the definitive pathway to achieving true net zero, marking a pivotal shift in ecological restoration practices. By harmonizing emission reduction with atmospheric rejuvenation, we offer a holistic and unparalleled solution to one of the most pressing challenges of our time, setting a new benchmark for sustainability and environmental stewardship in the quest for a balanced and healthy planet.

We work with the capture process

and eliminate the need for storage

Leveraging cutting-edge scientific advancements, our process transcends traditional carbon capture methodologies by eliminating the necessity for CO2 storage. Through the innovative application of alginate polymers, which are not constrained by natural variables, we have developed a system where CO2 captured from emissions is directly assimilated by our organic algae in specialized bioreactors.

Cost + Scale + Time

This direct infusion technique not only significantly diminishes the operational costs associated with carbon capture and sequestration but also addresses concerns related to the long-term planetary impacts of carbon storage. Our approach epitomizes the fusion of futuristic science and sustainability, paving the way for a more efficient and environmentally harmonious method of carbon management.

The Global Coalition for Net Zero Emissions is growing.

Everyone wants a better solution, but they do not know how to achieve it.

Along with companies, cities, and financial institutions, more than 130 countries have now set, or are considering, a target of reducing emissions to net zero by 2050. While net zero is a critical long-term goal, steep emissions cuts, especially by the largest greenhouse gas emitters, are imperative in the next 5 to 10 years to keep global warming to no more than 1.5 °C and safeguard a livable climate. Of the 191 parties to the Paris Agreement, more than 150 have submitted a new or updated national action plan, called Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), as required by the agreement. Their planned combined emissions reductions by 2030 still fall far short of the level necessary to achieve the 1.5 °C goal.

– United Nations 2021

Now that we are consuming C02

what do we do with all this algae?

As we pioneer the consumption of CO2 through our advanced alginate technology, the question arises: what innovative uses can we find for the resulting algae biomass? Our groundbreaking approach allows us to refine the algae into a variety of high-value mineral blends, specifically engineered to meet the burgeoning demand within the renewable energy sector. At the forefront of our ambitions is the creation of Pure Carbon—a commodity currently unavailable in North America. This endeavor not only showcases our commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions but also positions us as a key player in the future of renewable energy resources, transforming algae into a critical component of the green economy.

50% – 70% Carbon Reduction

Cleaner and More Reliable Energy

Renewable Energy Products

Encircle’s organic technology not only cleans fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions; it also puts oxygen and nitrogen back into the atmosphere. This is the only true way to achieve net zero.

Our algae can make Pure Carbon.

Leveraging groundbreaking, patented technologies, we revolutionize coal’s role in sustainable energy by molecularly removing contaminants, transforming it into pure graphite. Our innovative process manipulates energy within molecules to convert pollutants into inert, non-toxic forms, while residual compounds are transformed into beneficial oxygen and nitrogen gases. This not only purifies coal for the renewable energy market but also propels us towards a Net Zero carbon footprint, embodying a significant leap forward in achieving environmental sustainability and advancing the clean energy frontier.

How Do We Achieve Net Zero?

A Breakthrough Discovery

in Biomineralization

ZT harnesses the power of organic, non-toxic nanotechnology to manipulate covalent bonds with precision, enabling both the formation and dissociation of these molecular ties. This versatility has led to its application across a spectrum of more than 130 industrial uses, ranging from mining operations and contaminated soil treatment to water purification, waste ash management, and oil spill mitigation. ZT not only represents a significant scientific breakthrough but also embodies a leap forward in sustainable and eco-friendly remediation strategies, paving the way for future innovations in environmental science and nanotechnology.

Global Patents

Zero Thermal is patented & used globally


USDA-Certified Biobased Organic Product


Manufactured and culture in the USA

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